Formes Urbaines



232 pages

Formes urbaines : circulation, stockage et transmission de l’expression culturelle à Montréal

Collective work published by Les éditions Esse, under the direction of Will Straw, Annie Gérin and Anouk Bélanger.

The material and social forms that make up urban life contribute to the development and transmission of cultural expression. In Montreal, a city constantly transformed by population movements, neighbourhood regeneration and political vagaries, the «mediality» of material and social forms unceasingly sharpens the discourses and issues that underlie them, while obscuring them. These urban forms, whether emerging or firmly established, are examined here from the combined perspectives of art history, semiology, communication studies and sociology, city research paradigms that are generally isolated. Targeting fourteen case studies, Formes urbaines: circulation, storage and transmission of cultural expression in Montreal offers a new, medial interpretation of a Montreal culture.

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