94 pages

Authors : Élise Lafontaine et Jean-Michel Quirion

Publisher : Centre Clark

« Archives offers a personal narrative of my encounters with a prison, a cave, a psychiatric hospital, and an abbey. What these enclosed spaces share is their divergence from my own life. They are insular and self-sufficient, far from the medium of painting, although they provoke my desire to paint. My stays in and research on these places serve as a starting point for the act of painting; my presence, my body, and my gaze weave links between painting and space. In these architectural sites, I store up experiences, sensations, and memories where I experiment with a phoric place of my own: a view of the horizon in a panoptic world. Sometimes, paintings emerge.”

– Élise Lafontaine


Photos credits : William Sabourin

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  • Added to the art boutique collection as part of the PICTURA exhibition “Les plus beaux cauchemars / Cruel to be Kind”.

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