Edition 14p0

6.75 x 9.5″

205 pages


Caprice is thoughtless, sudden. It’s impossible to predict; it’s born suddenly and doesn’t last. It’s temporary. Her impulsiveness breaks trends, sows non-conformity and fantasy in her wake, and breathes madness into the mundane. Caprice never lets you guess your next move, lets you discover what happens when you give in to intrusive thoughts, and assumes its provocative nature and charming extravagance. Let us be inspired by our inner enfant terrible. Should we give in to this urge? What’s your caprice?

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  • What is Pica Magazine?

    Pica is a student magazine that celebrates the vitality of the artistic community at UQAM, encourages interdisciplinary collaborations and aims to democratize the arts. Its objective is to promote the development of local talent while establishing international contact through its annual publication and launch party. Pica is a learning ground where error is valued and barriers pushed back. By favoring an innovative and experimental approach, the magazine aims above all to be a reference tool and a source of inspiration in terms of multidisciplinary design. It stands out from other publications offered by completely new and exclusive content. Pica’s primary mission is to promote the talent and quality of work of UQAM students alongside young Montreal and international students, artists and designers, while providing the School design of a visual communication tool focused on design and its related disciplines. The choice of projects integrated into the magazine as well as those exhibited at the launch are made with a concern to fairly represent the work of women and men, students and the variety of mediums used.

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