Group trips

Livart offers groups a mediation workshop and a creation workshop for an enriched cultural experience. Learning and wonder are at the heart of these school or group outings.

In this former presbytery converted into an art center, guests discover a historic environment and encounter the work of inspiring artists. Our annual program features exhibitions showcasing the expertise and innovation of local artists.

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School trips

Teambuilding activities

  • The activities of Livart are oriented by the will to democratize art for all audiences. A place of experimentation, dissemination and mediation, it is an innovative space where art becomes a vector of socialization and sharing and where the creativity of children and adults is mixed. The group outings allow Livart to share its values with its public.

  • Each guest will leave with a creation related to the exhibition visited.

  • The schedule for group activities is flexible. It is possible to book a workshop during the day or in the evening. Contact us to inform us of your specific needs.