Livart is a non-profit organization whose mission is to democratize access to art and culture. Located in a former presbytery in the Plateau-Mont-Royal, it includes  a gallery, artists’ studios, a school, an event room and a shop.

All of these activities are guided by the desire to democratize art and culture. A place of creation, gathering and sharing, it is also a space where the creativity of children and adults come together.


The Chase / Chasse
Gabor Bata

Nov 23, 2023 ― Dec 10, 2023

In The Chase/Chasse, Gabor Bata explores social alienation — and how it transforms us – through the visual language of cartooning. These works portray figures who have lost their humanity and have devolved into cartoons, where pleas for sincere connection are juxtaposed against grotesque, violent visages. In these compositions, a hypothetical world of all talkers […]

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The works of the shop are a selection of original creations, drawings, silkscreens and posters.

LeBicar ©Pierre-Luc Carron