Livart is a non-profit organization whose mission is to democratize access to art and culture. Located in a former presbytery in the Plateau-Mont-Royal, it includes  a gallery, artists’ studios, a school, an event room and a shop.

All of these activities are guided by the desire to democratize art and culture. A place of creation, gathering and sharing, it is also a space where the creativity of children and adults come together.


Sep 1, 2022 ― Oct 9, 2022

From an imaginative perspective, Pale Sun suggests a new narrative of the exhibition space with works by Nabil Azab, Pedro Barbáchano, Dexter Barker-Glenn, Marie-Claude Lacroix and Fiona Nguyen. The artists blur the boundaries between medium, place and narrative through practices that reflect the limits of reality and fiction. Pale Sun questions the status of the […]

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The works of the shop are a selection of original creations, drawings, silkscreens and posters.

LeBicar ©Pierre-Luc Carron