Livart is a non-profit organization whose mission is to democratize access to art and culture. Located in a former presbytery in the Plateau-Mont-Royal, it includes  a gallery, artists’ studios, a school, an event room and a shop.

All of these activities are guided by the desire to democratize art and culture. A place of creation, gathering and sharing, it is also a space where the creativity of children and adults come together.


Mar 14, 2024 ― Apr 28, 2024

Artists : Julie Roch-Cuerrier, Béatrice Boily, Amanda Preval, Tong Zhou Lafrance, Florencia Sosa Rey, Emilie Laferrière, Marion Paquette, Selina Latour. Le Livart presents its first exhibition of 2024, bringing together 8 emerging artists around the concept of the artistic relay. Created in collaboration with artch, each artist was able to choose the next participating artist, […]

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The works of the shop are a selection of original creations, drawings, silkscreens and posters.

LeBicar ©Pierre-Luc Carron