L’Érosion des Fluides


47 pages


Poetry by Marc-Olivier Lavoie (mark_ovar) et photography by William Lemon (@will_lemon).

L’érosion des fluides is a collection of poetry with various entries and multiple vanishing points in which two complementary poetic mediums meet: poetry and photography. Originally conceived from a moment of intense writing, the fifty-three poems of the collection evade the expected, search the gap between words, where the being is named in silence and cuts the fragmentary impression of time. The will to defy the usual syntax, as much for the poems as for the photographs, in order to bring out of this assembly an impression and a feeling more than a clearly presented and duly argued subject, asks the reader to let himself be carried away by the reverie. For this reason, the texts are short and the photographs eclectic – they capture moods and communicate a feeling. From this starting point, photography allows to amplify and exemplify, to complement and produce a poetic point of convergence where one and the other of the practiced mediums develop in a joint interpretative relation. One and the other dialogue thus not exclusively, but in a complementary way by alternating without answering a preestablished order. The poems sometimes follow one another and create an effect of verbal obturation that mimics, by their density and their brief form, where the development of images acts as a magnifying glass through which the spontaneity of the poetic gesture and the intensity of emotions converge. Then, the photographs correlate with the themes of each poem and tend to open up the meaning in a way that makes this collaboration a work in which two artistic mediums coexist on an equal footing.

By offering the reader the possibility of establishing symbolic, theoretical and stylistic connections between the forms, the artists and their practices, L’érosion des fluidesexecutes the interpretative possibilities of the poems and photos that make it up.L’érosion des fluides pushes in an intimate way the reflection on art in order to open a discussion about the internalization of the constraints, their mediatization and the artistic materiality, which leads, in certain cases, the artist to want to deviate from the norm and, other times, to integrate himself fully into an agreed and limited field. The present project questions the artistic tradition only insofar as the practice of the two chosen mediums is dependent on it.

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  • Fascinated by discourse and its link to the place of human experience, the subject of his dissertation in literary studies at UQAM, Marc-Olivier Lavoie seeks, in his writing, to delve into the gap between words – where being is named in silence and cuts into the fragmentary impression of time. For this reason, the ellipse imposes itself to poetry as the condition par excellence of the proposed speech. To attest the gaps is, in this case, to seek to unload the necessary rhythm in the assembly of consonants and vowels as a bridge between the possible meanings.

    Through photography William Lemon tries to eliminate the tool that is the camera to represent as accurately as possible the emotion that the scene before me offers. It is for him and the audience an authentic representation of a perception of life unfolding before us.