Synesthésie du Monotron no.13


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  • 9 x 13″

    Inkjet printing on photo paper

    Monotron’s Synaesthesia series is a project that visually represents sound through the superposition of colors, shapes and lines. No.13 is a black mass with a blurred red outline.


    Béatrice Dubreuil

    Born in Tiohtià:ke (Montreal), Béatrice Dubreuil is a graphic designer, weaver and multidisciplinary artist. In 2018, she completed a bachelor’s degree in graphic design at UQÀM. When she was introduced to textile art the following year, Béatrice was already interested in several creative techniques including photography, screen printing and animation.

    Her influences are multiple and drawn from his direct environment. Nature, the living, colors and music regularly feed his ideas, as do the transformation and care of matter. The wonder of the trivial shapes her creative approach and continually guides her like a child in a garden.