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Number 135 of Espace magazine.


Thanks to the increasing omnipresence of olfaction, this thematic issue brings together different processes or techniques to highlight the importance of smell across a wide range of traditions, disciplines and worldviews. Whether it’s olfaction as matter and material, as experiential event, as extension of nature, or the sense of smell as affirmation of individuality, as memory and embodied knowledge, the texts in this dossier take into consideration the ongoing exploration of effluence as artistic impulse. They give an account of otherwise marginalized experiences and forms of knowledge, in which exhalation becomes a vehicle for communicating a plurality of voices, identities and realities.

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  • The magazine ESPACE art actuel presents and analyzes artistic practices in the field of sculpture, installation or any other art form associated with spatiality. Its thematic dossiers raise a variety of aesthetic, political and philosophical issues. ESPACE is an indispensable tool for reflection and understanding for anyone wishing to familiarize themselves with the situation of art within a rapidly changing cultural universe. Her columns, interviews, exhibition and book reviews offer readers multiple perspectives on the specificity of today’s art. With its meticulous layout and accessible yet rigorous texts, the magazine is predominantly bilingual, and aims to be the only magazine in Canada promoting artistic practices related to the notion of space.

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