Les demeures latentes


Black and white photographs, 35 mm format.
Poetic texts.

141 pages
13 x 18,3 cm


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  • Les demeures latentes is a self-published book published in 2020. In this one, where I mix photographic images and poetry, I returned to some places of my childhood and teenage years. Places that have marked my imagination or that have simply allowed me to feel good. For many of them, I have clear memories, with pictures to prove it. For others, I only have external testimonies that were told to me. By returning to these places, I wanted to make these pictorial memories of the past meet the images created in the present. This encounter between several temporalities is a journey into myself that has allowed me to deepen my reflection on my affiliation with the people and spaces that have preceded me.


    Born in Montreal in 1992, Jérémie Dubé-Lavigne has been interested in photography since his adolescence. After studying photography at Cégep du Vieux-Montréal (2010-2013) and art history at UQAM (2013-2016), he has completed several art projects including the exhibition Viraillages (2018), and published the collection Les demeures latentes (2020).

    Through his practice, Jérémie has developed an interest in the real in everyday life and especially its in-betweens. These are for him back and forth between his memories and his presence in the present, between the body and what surrounds him. Chance and the unexpected are also important elements in his practice because these perspectives allow him to remain perpetually attentive to his surroundings. Since 2021, he has been studying photography as an undergraduate at Concordia University.