Hivernité – no.28


6x 9 ”

71 pages


Winter as a conceptual field reveals a nomenclature and a visual grammar specific to cold spaces. Untameable, winter brings its initiates together according to its whims: its aridity dictates a daily life between resilience and resistance. Both imaginary and tangible, the places of winter summon varied collective experiences and are located beyond the country, the city, the home. The theme of this issue, in its intimate entrenchments as well as in the social constructions that surround it, is thought of in a multidisciplinary way. Through photographs, installations, drawings, prints and documented performative actions, an ecology between visual files, poetic incursions and essays is traced here, thus composing the reflexive fabric of this new publication of Ex_situ.


EX_SITUis a committed, critical, creative and plural art magazine that offers cross-views on the practices and issues in the field of art from here and elsewhere, yesterday, today and tomorrow. The reflections it publishes come from emerging authors – young professionals as well as students – wishing to get involved in the world of writing, art criticism and publishing.

Produced by a volunteer team that deploys both inside and outside the metropolitan area, Ex_situ is in direct touch with the Montreal and regional artistic scene, without losing sight of the creative ferment on a Canadian scale, even international. Active since 2002, it is a credible forum rooted in its community.

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