Périphérie #1 – La filiation dans la création



108 pages


In these times when debates are polarizing and rifts are widening, Périphérie feels the need to go where unity wins. Where our relationship to others is celebrated. Because it is difficult to contemplate the possibilities without noting that they all require a good dose of co-creation, and that there are very few things that do not arise from each other.

In this first edition, Périphérie probes the filiation in creation through the stories of photographers, filmmakers, ceramists, designers, poets, and more. Filiation is explored from the family nucleus, where it traditionally exists, and questioned in its contemporary conception, where it refers to a chosen group.

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  • PÉRIPHÉRIE is an independent biannual publication that offers timeless reflections on creation. Between magazine and book, Periphery probes the margins of creative worlds through subjective portraits, immersive narrations and intimate interviews. Its playground? The emergence, the shadow and the alternative. Behind Périphérie are about fifteen young professionals from the worlds of journalism, literature, design and photography, most of them based in Montreal. The entire Périphérie team is proud to use inclusive writing and modernized spelling, and to print on Rolland Enviro Print paper, made of 100% post-consumer fiber.