How can you make art attractive to your children?

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Oct 28, 2021

Are your children dragging their feet when it comes to going to a museum? Do the guided tours that are offered seem endless? Rest assured, they are not too young to be awakened to the countless riches of art history! There are indeed multiple solutions to allow your little ones to develop an artistic look on what surrounds them…

We unconsciously bring children into contact with art all the time, most often through movies, especially cartoons, or even music. Illustrated books are especially an opportunity for children to develop their imaginations through stories told while marveling at the graphics. Why should fine art be left out in this case? The context of the creation of a work can only become the place of fascinating stories, arousing the curiosity of children for many questions! Who is the character represented? Why did the artist choose to reproduce it like this? With such or such colors?

Thus, a visit to an exhibition site is ideal to increase the openness of the children.

In order not to tire them out, perhaps we should favor more restricted spaces than museums, like galleries or art centers, offering temporary exhibitions that are frequently renewed. Le Livart, located in the heart of Montreal, is the perfect example! Especially since the venue team is used to being in contact with an audience that is still young. In addition, the Livart school allows children to take guided tours of exhibitions in addition to those of the many artist studios.