Interview with LeBicar

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Nov 3, 2021

Interview with artist LeBicar by Chloë Lalonde

Chloë Lalonde for Le Livart : Why the flower ?

LeBicar: My work with flowers is based on a quote from Henri Matisse who said: ¨There are flowers everywhere for those who want to see them¨. It is also a simple symbol that everyone knows that allows me to illustrate my understanding of the world. A flower is fragile, but also very powerful! Keep your eyes open, flowers are everywhere!

How long have you been drawing flowers, how has their meaning changed over time?

I have been exploring this theme for almost 2 years. At first, I didn’t think too much about it, but the round and repetitive shape quickly became an obsession. As I worked, I realized that the flower was very versatile and the visual metaphors were almost endless with it. So it was perfect to share my optimistic view of the world.

What do you think about repetition? Is it essential to your work?

There is nothing exclusive about my flowers, the more there are, the more the concept takes shape. I love to bring them to life in different forms. From my little Bloom character to sculpture, I believe there will always be a way to evolve the work.

Photo by Pierre-Luc Caron at Livart
Photo by Pierre-Luc Caron at Livart
Photo by Pierre-Luc Caron at Livart
Photo by Pierre-Luc Caron at Livart

Let’s elaborate on the role of collaboration in your work… Is collaboration with other artists essential to your practice? Can you elaborate on some of your collaborations included in the exhibition?

I wanted to explore different mediums through collaborations with artisans I admire. A solo exhibition after a year of confinement, yes, but not alone. I found it interesting to expose other artists’ interpretations of my work.

What materials and supports would you like to work with in the future?

My wildest dream would be to create large format sculptures in public art!

Which artists inspire you?

I had the chance to work on a sculpture project with Alexis Vaillancourt and Olivier Bonnard (Lebonar) and it was very inspiring. Otherwise, I’m inspired by the aesthetics of Dan Climan, the drive of rapper Maky Lavender, the humility of Pony (Gabrielle Tittley) and the vision of Fvckrender (Frédéric Duquette), to name a few.

Do you have any formal training as an artist? Do you think this is necessary?

I studied cultural research, worked as a social worker, artistic director and brand manager. When it comes to art, I’m self-taught all the way. For my part, school and work have taught me rigor, teamwork, respect for deliverables and so on, but for the rest, it’s enough not to keep ideas in your head for too long and to get down to work.

What advice would you give to artists who aspire to do similar work?

If I had some advice to give, it would be:

  • Put as much energy and time as possible into your practice and your work.
  • Do it for yourself first and don’t be embarrassed to show, exhibit, share your work.
  • Meet people in real life (Zoom or visio at least), not just by email.
  • Get paid! Start small and build up slowly.
  • Open up to others, take advice, but keep your vision!
  • Appreciate the process, not the end result!

¨The reward for good work is more work.¨ – Tom Sachs



Born in Montreal in 1988, LeBicar is a visual artist who likes to play with different artistic practices. Mostly known for his black-on-white illustrations, he also works in painting, sculpture and installation. The artist is inspired by his daily life and human interactions in general. “Inspiration is everywhere!” he says. His artistic and musical influences have followed him since he started filming and editing his skateboard videos as a teenager. Today, LeBicar continues his career as an artist through eclectic projects ranging from group and solo exhibitions to collaborations with brands of all kinds!

LeBicar says, “I’d say there’s nothing that beats a solo show without constraints!”. Known to honor transdisciplinary practices, the Livart offers him an exhibition in complete freedom: “À fleur de peau” is born.


Livart welcomes Montreal artist LeBicar for his reopening exhibition.

À Fleur de peau celebrates the social resilience of the past year and the one to come. From drawing to installation to sculpture, the artist takes possession of the gallery by invading it with his iconic flowers. With an optimistic eye, he will revisit some symbols related to failures, refusals and challenges while making Livart flourish.

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