Benefit exhibition | Livart celebrates its 5th anniversary

Nov 25, 2021 ― Dec 22, 2021

To celebrate its fifth anniversary, the Livart presents a benefit exhibition where several original works and exclusive prints are offered for sale to support the non-profit organization in the pursuit of its mission.

FUN&FLORE is a group exhibition of emerging and established artists on the theme of wildlife, flora and fun. The selected works are metaphors of the seasons, speak of the cycles of life, poetize the environment, and stage the coexisting relationship between man and nature. The theme also characterizes the plasticity and versatility of the Livart, a flexible place that hosts exhibitions, festivities and activities at the same time, favoring an organic approach in connection with the ecosystem that animates it.

Artists : Sara A.Tremblay, Vinna Bégin, Sarah Boutin, Véronique Chagnon Côté, Margot Klingender, Andy Maple, Fiona Nguyen, François Ollivier, Alice Picard, Marco Royal, Vicky Sabourin, Jessica Wee

Exclusive prints by : Audrey Beaulé, LeBicar, Antoine Saint-Laurent, TeenAdult and Lisa Yang.

Funds raised from this benefit exhibition will allow the Livart to continue offering tours, activities and workshops, to enrich its educational and community programs, and to ensure the development of its artistic programming. 

The Livart would like to thank Depalma&co and Emmanuel Galland.