Artist profile : Sophia Borowska

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May 10, 2022

Photo credits : Alice Cloutier-Lachance

The term “urban fabric” fits artist and weaver Sophia Borowska like a glove. L’expression « tissu urbain » colle à la peau de l’artiste et tisserande Sophia Borowska. This is what we find in his practice of the loom. But not only. By combining construction materials such as wood, cement and steel with textile materials specific to her preferred medium, she plays with contradictions with a feminist stance.

Borowska combines the hard with the soft, the monumental with the intimate, the rational with the disorderly questioning the social and gender constructs surrounding the work of architecture and craft. In all points, the dehierarchization characterizes his positions. His 3D installations go beyond the expected framework. Depending on the way you look at them, you will alternate between radical abstractions and architectural evocations. Borowska builds with tactility to humanize the urban environment.

In this video portrait, from the studio to the gallery and observing the city, Sophia Borowska deals with space and time.

Sophia Borowska – a Repslabel production presented by the Livart
4 min. 46 – 2022 (French)

Photo credits : alignements, Alice Cloutier-Lachance, Emmanuel Galland

The artist was part of the group exhibition “Maison molle / Soft House” presented at Livart from September 2 to October 10, 2021.

This one brought together the works of ten artists working with textiles : Damien Ajavon, Sophia Borowska, Alice Dufour, Colas Eko, Béatrice Montesinos, Danica Olders, Hélène Pecqueur, Elisabeth Perrault, Olivia Pradel, Patil Tchilinguirian.

Curator : Alice Ricciardi

Scenography : Camille Barrantes

The artist was part of the group exhibition “Le Corps Référentiel” presented at Livart. Scheduled to run from March 11 to 22, 2020, it had to close on March 14, 2020 due to the sanitary measures imposed by the pandemic crisis of that period.

This exhibition combined the works of :

Sophia Borowska, Geneviève Feuillard, Diane García Ramos, Sabrina Jolicoeur, Maggy Hamel-Metsos, Fatine Violette Sabiri, Noémie Sylvestre, Kathryn Frances Warner, along with a selection from their personal art collections and archives.Organizers of the exhibition: Sabrina Jolicoeur and Kathryn Frances Warner

Livart thanks the Conseil des arts de Montréal for its support of the exhibition “Maison molle / Soft House”.


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