Trust The Wave


A quest for inner peace.

Trust the Waves is a meditative experience through words and colors. Written mostly in the form of poetry, this collection of personal thoughts extensively explores the theme of the duality between peace and anxiety. He also travels the universe of love, spirituality and philosophy.

Written mainly in English and French, there is also Portuguese, a passage in Spanish and a word in Romanian.

Navigate through the pages and stop where you are called to stay.

8 x 6 ½”
172 pages
Designed and printed in Montreal on recycled paper


Designed by Janelle Pitre ( @janellepi_ ) and written by Daniela Margina ( @trust.the.waves) , this book is a collaboration between words and design.

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  • Daniela Margina is a creator fascinated by nature, humanity, thought, personal quests and the mystical. Creativity is a way for her to travel. This creativity also becomes a vessel that links its spirituality to the physical world.

    His outside world inspires him visually; Collage, Photography, Video, Design.
    His inner world translates into words.

    Immerse yourself in his universe and you will be immersed in aesthetics and poetry.