I felt as if I was crafting hands for this worry, but, leaning against the panorama of light, it became a sky traversed by all things. 4 / 32


Inkjet print on Hydrostone plaster

4” x 5” x 0,25”


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  • Sarah Boutin

    is an emerging artist based in Montreal. She completed a Bachelor’s degree in Visual and Media Arts at the Université du Québec à Montréal. Her work explores the role of the body in experiences of transmission, trauma, reconciliation, and memory. She primarily expresses her practice through installations, video performances, and writing. The textual dimension of her work serves as a means to question origins (etymologies) and what enables transitions (acts of writing and storytelling). She collaborates with Myriam Simard-Parent to explore how duo performative work can delve into the notions of support or abandonment inherent in all relationships. Her visual work has been showcased at Place des Arts in Montreal.

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