Artist Profile : Vallée Duhamel

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May 6, 2022

Photo credits : Alice Cloutier-Lachance

Everything is fracas, everything is catastrophe, everything is chaos in the work of Jullien Vallée and Eve Duhamel. However, nothing is impossible: between backstage games and magicians’ tricks, with the help of design tools, graphic design and motion design, their
visual tinkering that hangs on by a thread or so but does not cause any fatal damage. Founded in 2013, the duo Vallée Duhamel fools us as much by their analog tricks (tools: cardboard, plastic, wood,…) as by the pretenses developed
thanks to digital special effects.

In their video creations, objects suddenly come to life and the bodies of their balancing performers seem to lose the weight of weightlessness. Even if we can easily spot the signature of the two artists with the use of bright and frank colors and the lightness of the posed actions, their work is not a child’s play. The duo Vallée Duhamel – directors and artists – compose with their teams creations in the world of visual arts, digital arts and advertising.

Here, at home and in his garage, Julien Vallée shares some secrets and explains the concept of “High class – lofi”.

VALLÉE DUHAMEL – a Repslabel production presented by Livart
4 min. 45 – 2022 (French)

The exhibition “VALLÉE DUHAMEL” was held at the Livart from June 17 to August 15, 2021.

The Livart thanks Frank and Oak for their support in the production of the exhibition “VALLÉE


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