Bleu Soir

Presented by Cinéma Public
Jun 18, 2023 ― Aug 23, 2023

For the third consecutive summer, Cinéma Public and Le Livart renew their collaboration and present Bleu Soir, a series of summer screenings in Montreal.

From Sunday to Wednesday, as night falls, the Livart’s inner courtyard will be transformed into an open-air cinema.
It’s an opportunity to watch films carefully selected by the Cinéma Public team, in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere, to enjoy the mild summer evenings. Join us on June 18 in the courtyard of the art center for a series of moonlit screenings and events, this time featuring a “bring your own wine” formula.

Co-presented by Cinéma Public

An activity presented by Cinéma Public

Cinéma Public is a cinema project founded by Roxanne Sayegh and Aude Renaud-Lorrain in April 2021. Currently installed at the Casa d’Italia in Villeray, the Cinéma Public occasionally takes over various gathering places, including the Livart courtyard during the summer. The large screen projections are accompanied by an online offer, thanks to a rental platform accessible throughout Canada.
Cinéma Public works to promote cinema in all its forms to the Montreal public. Our programming is made up of local and international films, flagship works and little-known nuggets, short films and family screenings, as well as various special events. We make it a point to augment the in-theater experience with guest∙e∙s discussions whenever the opportunity arises.

Throughout the year, the team works to create spaces for encounters between works, artists and audiences. Whether through the creation of original content or the development of cultural mediation activities, we are constantly seeking to expand and energize our neighborhood cinema mandate.

Since cinema is an ode to life and the audience is always present, the Cinéma Public is committed to maintaining its contribution to the cultural vitality of Montreal through the upcoming opening of a new cinema.