Olfactive Ontology workshop (items)

May 14, 2023 ― May 14, 2023

Artist bio 

Daniela Madrid is an artist and perfumist in Tiotià:ke, Montréal. Madrid currently works in olfactive ontologies connecting scent and sound through time and memory.

Scent and sound become a collaborative and active phenomenon when the vessel is in use interacting through its atmospheric and olfactive components. When delving into the sound nuances the viewer connects to memory transmuting and finding responses through personal thought and understanding the process of how we as humans personally live in our world today.

The resin and essential oils interact with the space as a means to permeate and find a perpetuating influx when in use. The vessel activates with the intention of its atmospheric moisture and somatic link to our limbic system through scent. 

Olfactive Ontology workshop

Embrace and learn through desired senses through the experimentation of Olfactory Ontologies. A beginner’s workshop on fragrance formulation with focus on the direct connection between our limbic system and our intimate relationship with emotion and memory processing.

In this workshop participants will learn how to make a custom scent and be instructed on the basics of scent-making made exclusively with essential oils and resins.

Just like when we plant a seed to grow we set an intention. Setting intentions will be a theme during the workshop to set goals and affirmations to find an impactful mindset for the remainder of the year. 


The session will be held at Livart on May 14th at 3 pm until 4pm. 

Each participant will have a selection of scents to mix into their own perfume. 

To register e-mail earthnotescents@gmail.com



A kit of essential oils

One glass roll-on perfume bottle


What participants should bring:

A notebook


This workshop is geared toward people with an interest in scent and perfumery. The workshop is designed to provide information at an introductory level.

Workshop to be given in English with French Translation

Ticket price including provided materials: $60