Lost Together

Presented by OFFTA
May 27, 2023 ― Jun 3, 2023

Losing something or someone does not have to be a lonely experience. This one-on-one performance invites the participant to tell the story of something lost, whether it is an object from their childhood, a feeling, a dream…

In the form of a conversation led by the performers, Shira and Michaela, this proposal attempts to reimagine this lost object by using a collection of materials present in the space. These objects will accumulate, forming an ever-changing exhibit, reminding us of the transformative power of sharing our grief.

UnSpun Theatre creates performances that imagine and practice new ways of being together. The company has been developing performative and installation projects since 2004. Its proposals explore our relationship to others, to the objects we hold dear, to our memories and to our future.

The experience is open and flexible. There is no obligation to go to the end of the performance.

Duration of the experience: about 30 minutes

Come 15 minutes early. Latecomers will not be accepted.

May 27 – 28, June 1 & 4 EN
May 30 & June 2 – 3 FR

10am – 6:10pm


An activity presented by OFFTA

An annual artistic event created around the Festival TransAmériques (FTA) in Montreal, the OFFTA is a festival dedicated to young avant-garde creation in the performing arts. Its mission is to explore the local artistic landscape throughout the year in order to bring to the forefront creators whose approach guides new trends in theater, dance and performance. OFFTA bases its identity on an artistic direction that favours strong and singular approaches, emerging practices and experimentation.