Blue Bird, Vinna Bégin


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  • Blue Bird

    2021, oil on paper, 8,3” x 5,8”

    750$ (including framing)

    Vinna Bégin

    Vinna Begin (b.West Java, Indonesia) is a multi-disciplinary artist based in Montreal, Canada. She received her arts education in San Francisco, earning an MFA from Academy of Arts University. Vinna’s work delicately balances shape, colour and light amid structures one encounters in nature. Portraits of lucid experience, rendered as soft, hazy marriages of organic form, mirror her interest in the universal, contemplative and transcendental.

    By creating works that celebrate both the mystical and natural worlds, she hopes to bring the viewer into a more heightened experience, aiming to produce work that is both emotionally and visually accessible by harvesting the essences of forms and patterns seen in nature. Color and texture, in particular, have always been an integral part of her process. The paintings usually begin with a certain colour or gesture, which is then followed by a reaction to forms that appear unexpectedly.