Prendre Fin – Sarah Boutin


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  • 5,25 x 7,9 inches
    126 pages

    Prendre fin, Sarah Boutin

    Éditions Pièce Jointe

    Faced with the break-up, Sarah Boutin directs her attention to what is destined to resume following the break-up. The plastic material, the image and the writing meet by fragments, from which emanates a narrative escaping the linear temporality. In a proposal that probes the mysteries of loss and emergence, Taking End is a moving invitation to embrace wholeness.

    Sarah Boutin is an artist at the crossroads of visual art and literature. She wonders about the ways of ensuring a sensitive perpetuation of the narratives of filiation when they are subjected to experiences of absence, amnesia or anesthesia. She lives and works in Tiohtiá:ke/Mooniyaang (Montreal).

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