Joséphine Denis
Sep 5, 2020 ― Sep 27, 2020

I think my job is to make them curious enough

Or to persuade them

By choice or by force

To know themselves better and to be aware of where they come from

Of their interests and what is already available to them

And to simply bring it all out

This is what makes me want to summon them

And I will do it by any means necessary

Nina Simone


Esther Calixte-Bea, Clovis-Alexandre Desvarieux, Eddy F., Stanley Février, G L O W Z I, Anick Jasmin, Mallory Lowe, Schaël Marcéus, Oski, Stefani Saintonge and Michaëlle Sergile share a critical curiosity: to converse with and then transform, rather than regurgitate, narratives of identity. Their visual formulations offer convergences of fantasies and realities that push us to concretize evolving visions. Artists bring new clarity to the delicate threads of past, present and future that we weave together to manifest ourselves in sovereign ways.

Curator : Joséphine Denis


Artwork credit : Clovis-Alexandre Desvarieux

Photo : Mallory Lowe

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Born & raised in Port-au-Prince/New York, and currently residing in Tiohtià:ke/Montreal, Josephine Denis is a curator and writer whose practice centers BIPOC communities in the creation and narration of our own spaces. She advocates for Black diasporic art, critical interactions, and institutional transformations through which artists and publics can co-create affective networks of radical socio-political change.