Jun 15, 2023 ― Aug 27, 2023

The exhibition “Surfaces” presents works in hybrid techniques that question the limits of the printed medium. The artists, Gabor Bata, Olivier Charland, Joliz Dela Peña, Béatrice Dubreuil, Xavier Ford-Legrand, Antoine Lussier, Lucie Palombi, Hamie Robitaille, Zacsteen and Igor Zigor, have been encouraged to explore the experimental and sculptural potential of their work by reflecting on traditional printmaking and presentation techniques.

The notions of repetition and reproducibility, which were once predominant, are here revisited through the exploration of new production techniques, relying on alternative methods nourished by the digital and more experimental processes. They dialogue and interact with the usual approach of many of these artists, all of whom are represented in the Livart shop.

The use of unexpected materials confers a new physical dimension to the works, allowing them to extend into space and no longer be limited to the flat surface of paper. They free themselves from certain conventional limits to play with the very nature of the medium while inscribing themselves in the change of current practices.


Opening on June 15, 2023


The artists:

Alice Picard

Antoine Lussier

Beatrice Dubreuil

Gabor Bata

Hamie Robitaille

Igor Zigor

Joliz Dela Peña

Lucie Palombi

Olivier Charland

Xavier Ford-Legrand