Jesús Cisneros

Jesús Cisneros (Spain, 1969) studied art history at the University of Zaragoza and illustration at the School of Applied Arts.

Jesús has published several books with publishing houses in Spain, Mexico, Colombia, Italy and the United Kingdom and has collaborated on various editorial projects.

He has also been a professor of illustration for the past five years at the Design, Film and Television Center, at the UNAM Illustration Course in Mexico City as well as at the Scuola Internazionale d’Illustrazione of the Štĕpán Zavřel Foundation, in Sarmede, Italy.

Jesús has taught workshops in Spain, Mexico City, Germany, Korea, Russia and Thailand. His work has been featured in solo exhibitions in Mexico City, Seoul and Marseille. Recipient of the Lazarillo Illustration Award, he also received a special mention at the Lisbon Illustration Biennial and was selected three times as an illustrator for the Bologna Book Fair.

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