Le lac des singes


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  • Le lac des singes

    By Élise Turcotte, illustrated by Marianne Ferrer

    La courte échelle

    When she is tired, Pilou’s mother often mixes words. One night, instead of asking him to throw his clothes in the dirty laundry bag, she suggests he put them in the monkey lake. The child laughs, then crawls under the covers with this image in mind. The evocative slip of the tongue acts as a magic key, leading the boy into a fascinating dream, populated by monkeys and creatures sometimes wonderful, sometimes frightening.

    On tired days, my mother says words backwards. Animals become arimals, a bag of laundry becomes a lake of monkeys. And I, Pilou, become Loupi and sometimes, when evening comes, I dive with his words into the wonderful lake of the night.

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