Le cri du gravier II


5.5” x 20.25”


Original artwork

Airbrush and pencil on canvas,


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  • Alice Picard

    Alice Picard is a multidisciplinary artist based in Montreal. Her rather eclectic approach is characterized by versatility and experimentation. She completed a bachelor’s degree in graphic design in Montreal (UQAM) and an illustration exchange session in Strasbourg (HEAR). Putting it down on paper is, for Alice, a tool for finding shapes and colors, in an attempt to understand where she is. Oscillating between different mediums, media, and other techniques, she is seeking the right reasoning in a given time. Her work generally flirts with figurative and abstract art. Finding her inspiration in the action of drawing, she concretizes her vision through impulsive gestures that bring together forms and subjects that recall interactions, human bodies, and organic forms.