School trips

Fun & Flore

FUN & FLORE is a group exhibition bringing together artists of different generations (emerging and established artists) on the theme of wildlife, flora and fun. The selected works are metaphors of the seasons, speak of the cycles of life, poetize the environment, and stage the coexisting relationship between man and nature. The theme also characterizes the plasticity and versatility of Livart, a flexible space that hosts exhibitions, festivities, and activities while favoring an organic approach in connection with the ecosystem that animates it.

The Livart offers an interactive tour of the exhibition as well as a one-hour workshop inspired by the artistic practice of the artists presented in the gallery’s program. These workshops are mainly intended for children, but can also be adapted to all types of audiences.

Our proximity to the schools is very important to us and our community and educational vocation is central to our values. Do not hesitate to contact us for more information.