Alexis Perron-Corriveau

Alexis is a product designer and cabinetmaker based in Montreal, Quebec and Lausanne, Switzerland. Graduated from the École d’Ébénisterie d’Art de Montréal in 2017. He continued his studies with a bachelor’s degree in environmental design at the University of Quebec in Montreal and then completed a Master’s degree in design for luxury and craftsmanship at L ‘ÉCAL, Switzerland. With this dual training in design and cabinetmaking, Alexis seeks to explore a universe where new technologies rub shoulders with craftsmanship in order to create unique, durable and timeless objects. A way to revalue manual work in a world where digital assistance takes precedence. A critical look at contemporary society drowned in consumerism, immediacy and obsolescence leads me to consider design as a generator of change. A response to the challenges of material culture that offers alternatives and generates forward thinking.

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