May 6, 2021 ― May 16, 2021

A series of original drawings by jeraume presented in the LIVART store.

Jeraume is interested in the notion of place and its unconscious impact on our minds and our inner psychology.
With his series “contexts”, jeraume proposes here to study certain contexts of life through the representation of various domestic interiors.

Discover jeraume

A visual artist originally from Quebec City, Jeraume has been living and working in Montreal for over 10 years. Attracted by the applied arts from a very young age, his academic career has been tinged with multiple experiences related to this field. He has followed several training courses through different paths, thus gradually developing a growing passion for drawing. An impulsive creator, it is through drawing with wood pencils that he concretizes his love for art.

Jeraume is inspired by themes related to places, to the design of space, but especially to objects and furniture of everyday life, which he explores through an assembly of colors (often primary) and abstruse forms. Sensitive to the emotions that inhabit him, he relies mainly on them to dictate the color, the pencil line and the title of the work.

Disciplined in his practice, the artist gives great importance to exploration using different mediums while remaining faithful to his artistic approach.