Kevin Ledo ” Conjuring Now ”


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Title : Conjuring now

Artist : Kevin Ledo

Date : 2016

Medium : print

Size : 22po X 14po

Price : 150,00$

About Kevin Ledo 

Kevin Ledo’s artistic practice crosses back and forth through the boundaries of mural/street art, fine art, and gold leaf art installations. Ledo creates visually bold, iconic compositions, focusing on portraiture and the human form, interlaced with stylized abstract forms. Ledo’s figures are suspended in a minimalistic and slightly surreal world, captured in moments of contemplation, intimacy, emotion and wonderment.

The subject and approach to Ledo’s artwork changes according whether it’s public art or his personal explorations in fine art. While there is a common visual thread between these different artistic activities, his public art has several different considerations that are taken into account before creating. Some of these considerations include the neighbourhood the mural is set to be in and the history of the area and people who live there. Ledo’s public murals are often celebrations of people and diversity and aim to relate to the communities they are found in. Whenever possible, Ledo’s own photography is used as reference for his murals. In some cases the people used in Ledo’s murals are people from the local community.

Ledo works with a variety of mediums on his murals, including both spray paint and latex wall paint, and on occasion gold leaf. He can work solely with either spray paint or latex wall paint, but usually blend the two techniques into one painting.

Ledo traces his influences and inspiration to a multitude of forces including religious iconography and spiritual art, travelling, music, graphic design and photography, psychology, buddhist philosophy and ideas and literature on the concepts infinity, consciousness, and perception.

Ledo has created murals and exhibited his artwork in many places throughout the world, notably in the ModeMuseum in Hasselt, Belgium and Arsenal in Montreal, Canada. As an on going participant of the En Masse project since 2009, Ledo has painted with the group at numerous art fairs, museums and events across the USA and Canada, including the Musée des beaux- arts de Montréal and Art San Diego. Ledo has been featured in many art media outlets such as Juxtapoz Magazine, Street Art News, My Modern Met, Artist a Day, Montana Cans blog, and Cool Hunting. As well, his work has been written about and featured on television in multiple news outlets including LA Times, The Guardian, National Geographic, Yahoo! News, Washington Times, The National Post, Toronto Star, La Presse, CBC The National, CBC Arts, CBC Radio1, Global News, CTV News, The Globe and Mail, The Montreal Gazette, Cult MTL and more.

Ledo was born and raised in Montreal by Portuguese parents from the Azores islands. Ledo travels a lot and has had the opportunity to live in Taiwan, Vancouver, Costa Rica, Guatemala and China.

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