Jonathan Bergeron ” Blink 182 ”


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Poster details 

(numbered and signed)

Title : poster Blink 182

Artist : Jonathan Bergeron (J.Crap)

Medium : poster

Size : 18 po X 24 po

Price : 30,00$ (plus taxes)

About Jonathan Bergeron 

My name is Jonathan Bergeron and I wish I was Frazetta. I live in Montreal with my wife, 2 kids, a Boston Terrier and a cat. I do work for international clients & art collectors.

I was born in Montreal but grew up in the suburbs in a town called Beloeil. That’s where I got into BMX, then skateboarding and finally graffiti. I moved back to Montreal at 19 years old and really dove into graffiti, under the name “ZEN”, and part of the NBC and KOPS crews. At some point I got back to studio painting, mostly oils.

Made a name in the Kustom Kulture and Lowbrow art circles under the alias “Johnny Crap”. I was doing lots of pinups, hot rods type of art. Around that time I was regularly published in the Horse Backstreet Chopper magazine as well as Ol Skool Rodz magazine.

I moved away from that type of art after the birth of my first son. I did a whole lot of calavera( mexican skull) based art. That period lasted till 2013, although I still get requests for that type of art now and then.

I also do merch design on the side. Over the years I have done work for Bands like Slayer, Anthrax, Avenged Sevenfold, Guns N Roses and Pearl Jam to name a few. I’ve also worked for Nike, Dethrone, Headrush, Forum Snowboards as well as Under Armour.

These days I do a lot of dumpster and garbage realistic paintings.

Oh, and my love of Star Wars got me published in a Star Trek book. Go figure. Still waiting on a call from Lucasarts.