Yves Roy

Visual artist ; the art of observation.

After exploring almost every architectural practice fields for nearly 45 years, Yves Roy decided to devote himself to the art of drawing and sculpture. Observation is crucial for this artist who thinks artists do not create a work, they design it. 

Yves Roy subjects are as varied as the materials he uses to shape his thinking. Plaster, metal, plastic, wood and roofing fabric take shape in the hands of the sculptor whose works reminiscent Giocometti’s threadlike.

Yves Roy also explores the art of drawing, which he approaches differently than sculpture. As for the ancient Greek, the drawing is for this artist the opportunity to represent the elegance and timeless beauty of the human body. For him, a work is only complete when it reaches a vibrating  chord within the one who looks at his work, or let the viewer thoughtful.

You can learn more about the artist by visiting their personnal web page.