Visual artist ; beauty and duality

Labrona completed his studies in art at Concordia University in Montreal. Coming from the world of urban art, Labrona painted on skateboards, on canvas, trains or walls of buildings.

For almost twenty years now, this artist painted under the nonsensical name “Labrona “. In an article about Labrona , RJ Rushmore describes Labrona’s works as having a beauty and energy that are the product of a rare combination of determination and talent.

The imagination of Labrona draws as much from the culture of Street Art than from the history of classical art. His works are filled with a duality between the old and the modern, clarity and obscurity. This artist allows himself to mix bright colors and vivid dramas with cumbersome scenes. RJ Rushmore described this phenomenon as ” a synergy between classical beauty and worldly tragedy of everyday life.”

sources : rj Rushmore, Labrona, Décover magazine, number 21.

You can learn more about the artist by visiting their personal web page directly.