Kevin Ledo

Visual artist and muralist ; capturing the moment.

Originally from the city of Montreal, Kevin Ledo operates several styles such as fine art, pop art, mural, street-art and installations in gold leaf. Ledo travels the world in search of an artistic expression that does justice to his vision and his ideas. The realistic renderings of Ledo are often juxtaposed with graphic forms and more harsh and rough grounds, empty foreground or background where figures are suspended between two worlds.

Ledo dedicates a large part of his work to the fusion of feminine beauty and divinity. The artist also likes to create paintings of contemporary icons. To do so, he successfully merged haute couture advertisements with ancient Christian icons.

Ledo shows his influences and inspiration in many ways. In his works, we can perceive religious imagery, graphic design, psychedelic music, travel, photography, psychology, Buddhist philosophy, metaphysics, and especially intangible concepts such as infinity, consciousness and perception.

You can learn more about the artist by visiting their personal web page.