Johnny Crap

Visual artist ; colourful and eccentric

Jonathan is an artist from Beloeil, on the south shore of Montreal. From an early age he was influenced by the rebellious culture of the west coast of the United States : punk , rock, skateboarding and graffiti are part of everyday life. It is also the urban art that drives Jonathan to take more interest in visual arts.

Jonathan has built a reputation in the world of Montreal’s graffiti by creating murals for the many traders across the city. He also puts his talent at the disposal of music groups that seek to distinguish themselves by an image of original brand.

When he paints, this artist favors ink, oil and digital illustrations. Crazy and colorful, his works are inhabited by characters from popular culture or straight out of his imagination. He regularly exhibits his work throughout Canada and the United States.

You can learn more about the artist by visiting their personal web page directly.