Denis Normand

Visual Artist ; solving the unexpected.

With a successful career in IT, and after a break of nearly 25 years, Denis Normand resumed paints once again in spring 2016. In the late 80s, he participated in several live painting events, including famous Snatches electric, and also received a art education at UQAM university in visual arts.

By exploiting the accident of the first gesture committed to the canvas, the artist uses his own “machinery to make sense” to solve these unexpected gesture, a bit like Inuit or Michelangelo trying to push the work already in the field. Like when we are trying to make sense of cloud visualizing the forms they evoke it.

The result is expressionist works that draw on codes of the past, from the Renaissance to the abstraction, while putting forward a contemporary invoice. It is to leave a semantic open space where everyone is free to project its own evocation that the artist prefers, in general, not to name his paintings.