Black Bambi

Bombing down the tunnel

You're crazy

Black Bambi is a band from Montréal, that’s been known to actually blast people away at shows. If bystanders remain upright, it isn’t out of the ordinary for their faces to melt.

Trippy vocals combined with guerilla-like ferocity on drums and feeding guitars are some of the perks you’re entitled to when listening to these dudes. Whether you’re tickled by dancing, rocking out or straight-out losing your mind, they’ve got it. Black Bambi has finally landed the ruthlessly deafening mothership of psychedelia on earth and plans to tour there for a while. You’d think a trio (Julien Corrado, Sasha Gubany and Jason Tawfik) simply wouldn’t rock hard enough? Try Black Bambi out for a night; these maniacs are sure to take you for a real rough ride.

You can learn more about the artist by visiting their personal web page directly.