Our residents

We are proud to have in our center resident artists carefully selected.

  • Kevin Ledo

    Muralist and painter from Montreal, raises his art with a bold imagery, iconic and emblematic.

  • Johnny Crap

    It is also the urban art that drives Jonathan to take more interest in visual arts and particularly to the oil painting.

  • Geoffroy

    Geoffoy is a singer, songwriter and multi-instrumentalist from Montreal, acclaimed by the media and the public for his unique style.

  • Obed José

    Artist in animation (Motion Graphic). Obed (aka ego) sees in him a true passion for comics.

  • Labrona

    Labrona is a painter and muralist from the middle of the Street Art. Create for him the vital act of an artist who can capture life in his art.

  • Lost cause

    Lost cause is a group of three artists ; Justin Gordon , Hillary Barnes and Gabrielle Mulholland, passionated by serigraphy and illustration.

  • Ingrid Berg

    Ingrid Berg is a visual artist who molds, pattern, distends, combining materials and textures agency.

  • Yves Roy

    Yves Roy is a visual artist inspired by the harmony of the overall composition, contrast materials, shapes, colors, light and shadow.

  • Kim Fox

    Kim Fox is a visual artist and activist who strives to bring the abstract sensations and imagery of dreams alive through collaged narrative works.

  • Denis Normand

    Visual artist, he operates the first accident of gesture committed to the canvas to generate expressionist works that draw on codes of the past, from the Renaissance to the abstraction.

  • Black Bambi

    Black Bambi is a band from Montréal, that’s been known to actually blast people away at shows. If bystanders remain upright, it isn’t out of the ordinary for their faces to melt.

  • Henssé

    Henssé is a multidisciplinary canadian figurative artist living and working in Montréal. Using the painting, drawing, and installations ‘s mediums, she portrays the relations between human being and its environment.