Obed José

Artist in visual arts; Solve the unexpected.

Artist in animation (Motion Graphic). Obed (aka ego) sees in him a true passion for comics. As a teenager, he drew directly on T-shirts for his friends in a district of Ahunstic where he grew up. He followed several trainings in advertising design (1999), 3D motion capture  (2007), and more recently in 3D modeling (2015).

Working in multimedia since the year 1999, he gradually and passionately specialized, in the creation of logotype. With his friend Alix Orcel, storyboarder and self-taught cartoonist, Obed co-founded the Incrasables (2005) and realized more than one hundred jams of original works in this collective. From these creations in osmosis are born a style at the same time eclectic, deep and fusional which mixes the materials: pencil, felt, ink, pastel and painting. They showcased their work in several exhibitions in Montreal including Microclimat (2004), Face (2005), Artefact (2009). Obed draws, sculpts, fuses and animates emotions, to make real living models …

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Artists scoring: Jean-Michel Basquiat / Peter Chung / Vittorio Fiorucci / Pablo Picasso / Jean Giraud (Moebius) / Katsuhiro Otomo