Here are the art classes offered for spring semester 2019

Le Livart is proud to help perpetuate its love of culture and the arts by offering a wide variety of art classes for children. Ranging from painting to printing, from technical drawing to the performing arts, the Livart School of Art is diversified and dynamic. Like the rest of the center, the school is a place for sharing and transmitting artistic knowledge. An introduction of children to the world of arts promotes the development of their motor skills, encourages the uniqueness of their ideas, glorifies their initiations and develops their personal identity positively.

Located in the heart of our art center which houses a gallery and artist studios, the Livart School allows children to enjoy guided tours of the exhibitions in addition to those of the many artists studios. Our goal is to offer programming that is both innovative and timely, and that allows children to explore the arts from a variety of angles and forms. More than a dozen courses comprise the annual program of the art school for children: performing arts, crafts and textiles, printed arts, technical drawing, exploration of major artistic movements, creative journal, meditation-art-philo , sculptures and modeling and paper processing, we make every effort to ensure that your child enjoy his class!