Unique  platform visible from the heart of Plateau Mont-Royal.

Anchored in the artistic and cultural life of the city of Montreal, our gallery offers a contemporary exhibition space in the heart of a historic building featuring works of contemporary artists. The Livart wishes to be a place of cohesion for generations of artists and represent the multidisciplinary arts by establishing a number of chosen fields in the visual arts and still remaining open to other forms of artistic expression. Reflecting contemporary art, our art center wants to remain in constant evolution and change together along with the arts community.

The objective of our vast gallery is to offer a distinctive and warm place for setting exhibition of the work of passionate and committed artists, whether solo or group through one of our thematic exhibitions. Our desire to be on the lookout for new products also leads us to promote the new talents of the contemporary art scene.

Our openings are held on Thursdays and are open to the public. This is an opportunity to meet with our artists, take part in the cultural life of the neighborhood, and possibly get your hands on the next pieces of your art collection!

The Livart is also the only gallery in Montreal to offer two outdoor exhibition spaces. Unquestionably one of our main attractions, the courtyard and roof terrace are an extension of the traditional gallery spaces that provide opportunities for unique and endless exposure. The panorama will dazzle visitors and contribute to the success of our events.

The gallery is open to the public during business hours. Art lovers, professionals and the curious, we welcome all visitors with pleasure!

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