“Pale Sun” exhibition – Thematic workshop for children

An afternoon around our exhibition “Pale Sun” with the works of Nabil Azab, Pedro Barbáchano, Dexter Barker-Glenn, Marie-Claude Lacroix and Fiona Nguyen.

The first part of the workshop includes a child-friendly tour of the Pale Sun exhibition with a cultural guide.

Participants will then participate in three creative activities inspired by the works in the exhibition and the artists’ styles.

1. Workshop on Nabil Azab’s work:

Subjective Abstract Landscape on the theme of the sky in dry pastel and oil pastel.

2. Workshop on the work of Dexter Baker-Glen:

Colorful patterned drawing in oil pastel with collage.

3. Workshop on the work of Fiona Nguyen:

Dream-themed drawing in watercolor on cardstock and/or personal drawing of a family scene in oil pastel.

During this activity, children will explore several mediums such as painting, watercolor, oil pastel and collage.