Souveraineté – no. 3


This third issue sets out to examine the complex and troubled notion of sovereignty. The texts collected there probe different forms of sovereignty – territorial, bodily, technological, national – and offer a plural (re)definition of the term through its uses. They thus lead us to question the relevance and usefulness of the concept from a decolonial perspective.


Cigale is a publication of artists’ writings. Its thematic issues open up meeting spaces around writing and translation as forms of research and creation.

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  • Cover illustration: Marisa Fulper
    Format : 256 pp, 112 mm x 187 mm, 1 couleur (PMS 021U)
    Paper : Munken Print White 15 80gsm, Munken Polar Rough 170gsm
    Impression : Printon AS, Tallinn, Estonie

    Contributions : rudi aker, Prakash Krishnan, Adam Kinner, Kite, Nathan Young, Veronica Mockler, Léuli Eshrāghi, arkadi lavoie lachapelle, Sayaka Araniva-Yanez, alegría gobeil, Maude Pilon

    Translations : Joséphine Denis, Marilou Craft, Stéphane Grégory, Arianne Des Rochers, Maureen Roberge, Kama La Mackerel, Hannah Azar Strauss, Sayaka Araniva-Yanez, Stephanie E. Creaghan, Simon Brown